Safe Way Ecig complete line of USDA organic and tobacco flavorings in a USDA Organic VG base

Your choice of nicotine levels from

E-Drop Source

Just pure flavorings, Organic VG (vegetable glycerin) and the highest grade (clear) USP nicotine, manufactured under cGMP for processing and bottling consumables, read more below.

Here is a sample list of the many available flavors: 
5ml sample for $4.00                                       $4.00 - $5.00 shipping USPS Priority Mail 
10ml for $6.00 
20ml for $11.00
30ml for $16.00 
And now 50ml for $26.00

Organic Flavors

Green Apple 

  • Real organic green apple 10% flavor
  • A blast of fresh apple 


  • Organic Cranberry at 9% flavor sweet and a little sour perfect cranvape !
  • A seasonal time flavor
  • Real organic peach at 11% flavor
  • A blast of fresh peach



































































Tobacco Flavors


  • This is our top seller 
  • RJ45 similar to 555 but with a hint of organic peanut and one other organic flavor a clean, just a little sweet, flowery tobacco blend. 
  • (no tobacco absolutes) 

Giddy Up 

  • Ya all know this American standard
  • Made from two tobacco flavors one based on Tabanon molecule, from Symrise (Germany) and two .1% flavor notes.

Sahara Blend

  • Sahara Blend Tobacco flavor E-Liquid similar to Giddy Up with a more smokey note from organic flavorings of Egyptian burnt seed.  

Custom Blends


  • Cantaloupe with a nutty twist and a dash of smoke is a very happy vape.  


  • Menthol with or without tobacco flavor: 2% pure Pure menthol crystals - natural - Food Grade, with a hint of Koolada for a slight cooling factor in 92% VG base and 7% PG for melting the crystals. Smooth, Cool and eye opening, strong but grows on you, like a menthol cigarette does.


  • Now available 
  • CME a light tobacco flavor, with a floral note, made from natural flavor ingredients (no tobacco absolutes) 


$7 - $15
eGo-T Atomizer
Safe Way Ecig providing the finest available E-Liquid with E-Drop Source. 

E-Drop Source has a complete line of electronic cigarette e-liquid from USDA organic flavors to tobacco flavors and now with many custom blends for your e-cig enjoyment. 

You can be sure your e-liquid is made under the highest current standards for processing and bottling consumables.

E-Drop Source uses cGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practice) during all the mixing and filling operations where a continuous clean room air wash system provides a .3 micron air purification (would not want dust getting into that yummy organic e-juice). With continuous dust monitoring from Met One particle detector's showing 328 .3 micron particles per liter or less (normal room is 25,000 particles per liter).
All e-liquid bottles come with a lot number for information of time/date and the particle count during e-liquid processing.
Don't just get your e-juice from the “Status Quo” venders. Get your e-liquid from the industry leader in CGMP, The Safe Way Ecig Way, bringing you the E-Drop Source way of e-liquid, made right here in the USA.
Safe Way Ecig
4372 Cartagena Dr 
San Diego, CA 92115

(619) 944-8184

WARNING: These products contain nicotine, a highly addictive substance. It has Not been approved by the FDA as a smoking cessation device. Do not use this products if you are not of legal smoking age. Do not use this type product if you are sensitive or allergic to nicotine; if you are at risk for having respiratory problems or conditions; if you have heart problems, high blood pressure, diabetes or any other medical condition that can be exacerbated or induced by consuming tobacco products or nicotine; do not use if you are pregnant or nursing. Consult your physician if you have any medical questions. CALIFORNIA PROPOSITION 65 Warning: This product contains nicotine, a chemical known to the state of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm.
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